Patrick Varnavas – GOD LP


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GOD LP by Patrick Varnavas
Meet Patrick Varnavas, one of the most creative mind in cardistry today. His project GOD is our most ambitious project yet. A lot of work has been put into this download, in terms of production but also because we went out of our way and filmed the whole thing outside, in 10 different locations in the streets of New York. We wanted this project to be more than just tutorials, we wanted a full, all around experience.
Enter Patrick’s world and learn 10 of his best creations: Take 5, Origami, Pillow, Extendo, Funnel, Gizmo, Duncan, Elon Musk, Pulley and Kung-fu. Each of those moves are unique and powerful, and the different concepts that he approaches will expand you creativity in the best possible way.
We also wanted to rethink the whole way that we do tutorials: we took your feedbacks and applied it to our working process! But don’t take our word for it, and check out the free tutorial just below!