Patrick Kun – Penguin Live Lecture (June 5th, 2016)

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“I’ve met many top pros in the industry. Many are masters of what they do, quite a few are creative, very few are truly original. Patrick is not only all above, he’s a real friend.” – Will Tsai

“Patrick Kun is a true phenom in the world of close up magic. He has the unique ability to dissect an idea to its core and build it into something incredible. I’m glad the future of magic is in his very capable hands.” – Eric Jones

“Patrick is the only magician in a long, long time who has showed me a trick and I have instantly thought, “I need to sit down and learn that”. With insane, clean visuals and super slick handling a being a running theme in his work, it makes it hard for me not to recommend anything he does.” – Alan Rorrison

What will he teach?

M&M to Money After the last piece of M&M is poured out from the candy bag, with a wave of a hand, the bag visually transforms into a brand new dollar bill.

Basic Extortion A super visual transposition of two bills, a and a that happens inside of their wallet that they are holding the entire time. A perfect routine to tie in with pickpocket presentation.

Gimmick-less Invisible Deck This is my handling on the Invisible deck using only a normal deck of playing cards. This is as close to real invisible deck that I think an impromptu version could get.

Inflict Transposition A visual transposition between a selected card and a joker. This move can be utilized as a change or part of any sandwich routine.

MORF Gambling Routine A four cards change that morphed into Aces all at once and with the back change as a twist at the end.

DIY Aces After the deck is shuffled and freely cut into 4 packs, they all turn out to be the Ace’s.

Mirror Force A utility force that accomplished a force and a control at the same time. This force also allows you to hide the back in plain sight.

Reflex + Linking Ring In-depth walk through in ring magic.

VOW (Basic version) A streamlined handling on the anniversary plot. Two cards are selected and one card slowly vanished and reappeared on the other side of the other card.

Who is he?

Over the past 4 years, Patrick Kun has made a name for himself by creating amazing impromptu visual magic. He has created for and worked with many talented magicians including David Copperfield, Cyril Takayama, TROY, and Darcy Oake. Using sleight of hand to make each effect as visual as possible and without utilizing any special props, he continues to contibute unique, fooling effects to the world of magic including many organic effects that are currently being used in many TV series.

In addition to all of this, Patrick uses his graphic design degree to produce his own personal playing cards, Mirage, that are sold all over the world.