Patrick G. Redford – Hypnotic Pull (Gimmick and booklet not included, Explanation video only, gimmick construction explained)


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Patrick Redford’s Hypnotic Pull is an examinable multi-phase light and heavy chest with a pack of cards that’s easy to do. Using the power of imagination, the participant will discover that they can’t lift a pack of cards into the air after they imagine that it is an extremely heavy object. They’ll then find themselves unable to remove the cards from the box; despite having done so moments before. At the end of the performance everything may be examined. While this effect does not rely on suggestion or hypnosis of any kind, it certainly looks as if it does! Hypnotic Pull comes complete with the special gimmicks, a 48 page pocket size book of instructions, as well as access to a video performance and tutorial. Simply add our special gimmicks to your favorite brand of playing of cards and you’re ready to go. In addition, we teach a routine titled “Stop Smoking” that simulates the same effect with a pack of cigarettes making it impossible for a participant to remove his or her cigarettes from the box.