Pablo Amira – Cartomantic Artifacts (official PDF)


Narrative approaches to reading playing cards

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“Cartomantic Artifacts is the perfect book for anyone interested in readings for entertainment. Pablo’s Narrative Cartomancy is easy to learn, and enables you to give caring, helpful readings without any need to predict the future. Pablo provides everything you need to know, along with several sample readings. This is the perfect book for anyone new to readings, but will also provide experienced readers with much to think about, too. Highly recommended.”
Richard Webster
I am proud to claim Pablo Amira as one of my Students. In this work Pablo teaches how to make readings into active storytelling experiences. With classic tools, new applications, and an open, in the moment approach, Pablo teaches you how to do entertaining readings that connect with audiences. I am sure that you will find inspiration and useful applications here to use!
Kenton Knepper
This is one amazing reading system and right to the point .
 Very well constructed bravo Pablo
Neal Scryer
Cartomantic Artifacts offers my core technique for the classic practice better known as Cartomancy, aimed for Mystery Performers who wants to add a new flavor of mystery to their performance.
Perfect for the beginner in this paths or the established reader who wants to add more inspiration to his own work.
In this approach you will take a “Narrative Cartomancy” journey with your participant, in which the eternal present is the focus and not predicting the future. You will learn ideas and techniques that can enhance your services and appreciation for the mystery performance.
You will learn how to give beautiful moments of symbolic observation, imagination and applied intuition using a normal deck of playing cards using my “CARD System” and other techniques which are explained in here.
Thanks to my background as Psychologist, you will be able to not only learn from the intuitive and abstract world, but also from the academic psychological world in which you can get new inspiration using structured thinking from great Psychology School of thought.
I am very thankful to Richard Webster to give me his permission to offer in here the original “Psychometry from A to Z” in this book so I can also offer you my ideas applying the “Narrative Cartomancy” approach.
You can get “Cartomantic Artifacts” as eBook, Book and also with a full package which includes a beautiful deck, perfect for readings called “Provot Deck“.
Table of Content
 What’s a Reading?
Readings without being a Reader
Narrative Cartomancy
CARD System Expanded
 Psychometry from A to Z by Richard Webster
 Psychometry from A to Z Extra Ideas
 Narrative Cartomancy Examples
 Imagination and Intuition
 Here and NOW
 Psychological aspects of a Reading
  Psychic aspects of a Reading
  Readings about Readings