OMALORIG By Matt Pilcher (Instant Download)

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 “Matt Pilcher likes to leave his audience scratching their heads. This is no different, spectators will doubt what they think they know.” – David Rangel

”Omalorig promises telepathy but what it delivers is something much greater.” – Blake Brenneman II

Omalorig is a two-phase mind reading card effect from magic creator Matt Pilcher.
In this 30 minute, Instant Download creator Matt Pilcher teaches you everything you need to know to be able to perform the trick just like you see it in the trailer.
Also taught is a few variations on both the first and second phase of the effect so you can choose which method best suits your abilities and your style of performance.
The trick uses a regular deck of playing cards and nothing more, so what are you waiting for? Order now and download instantly to start learning right away.