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Instagram has become one of the most popular social media apps nowadays.

MentalGram is a collection of 3 different techniques that will allow you to perform mentalism effects using your spectator’s social media on their own phone.

The techniques are totally impromptu, absolutely practical and super mega easy to execute.

Anchor: Your spectator calls stop while you openly show them their Instagram feedback scrolling on their phone. You read their minds and find out the picture that they stopped at. (If desired you can perform this as a prediction).

Backfire: You show to your spectator their Instagram feedback scrolling, they scroll the screen into any direction they want, they can verify at any time that the screen is indeed scrolling, they stop at any point. You can read now their mind or show them that you had predicted where they would stop at.

Treadmill: A mind reading stage technique where your spectator watches their Instagram feedback scrolling on their phone’s screen; they put their mind into one picture and you reveal the details of it.

Instagram is my favorite social media, and therefore I use the previous techniques with Instagram, however you can use these techniques with other social media like Facebook or Twitter.

I will share with you different routines and handlings so you feel comfortable performing using these techniques from the very first day that you learn it.

Just approach any spectator, borrow their phone (these techniques works with any smartphone like iPhone, android, windows phone, etc. But I do not recommend you to borrow a Blackberry as it may give you some problems). Ask them to open their Instagram (or any other social media) and read their minds or make predictions.