Myke Phillips – Olivia


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 “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, ‘I’m possible.”

(Audrey Hepburn)

FOREWORD (BY PAUL ROFFMAN)                                                           14

INTRODUCTION (BY MYKE PHILLIPS)                                                      20

M-TEST (Effect)                                                                                         24

This is a very easy and practical routine to perform onstage 

and is great for anyone wanting to add a standalone piece 

or an extra 15-minute mind-reading performance to their 


WHY DO I HAVE TO WRITE IT DOWN? (Thoughts)                                  34

Thoughts on having things written down.

A BOLD BILLET ROUTINE (Effect)                                                            38 

A billet routine with a bold revelation that you can utilise

in your existing peek routines.

MIND READING EXPERIENCES                                                                60

A day in the field.

A TWO-PERSON BILLET ROUTINE (Effect)                                             64 

A two-person billet routine with a bold revelation that 

you can utilise in your existing peek routines.

RUBIK’S STOOGE                                                                                      80

Always be ready to create a miracle. 

FRIXATION (Effect)                                                                                    84

Remove a fear or phobia. 

JUST ME                                                                                                    94

Getting to know me.

NAME IN REVERSE (Effect)                                                                      96

A method to show a hot billet blank on both sides with a 

cheeky twist at the end.

DEAD OR ALIVE (Effect)                                                                         106

A routine guaranteed to get you a call the next day.

IN AND OUT OF PHASES                                                                       114

Getting to know me.

OUT OF TOUCH (Effect)                                                                         118

A dual-reality “out of this world” effect with no moves.

COIN LACED (Effect)                                                                              126

A dramatic coin-bend routine.

9993 (Effect)                                                                                          136

A practical way to have a participant unlock your iPhone.

iSWITCH (Effect)                                                                                    144

A very simple way to switch a list in or out using your 


MIND READING EXPERIENCES                                                            150

A day in the field. 

RECALL (Effect)                                                                                     160

Reveal any word deleted from a participant’s iPhone or reveal

the exact details of a photo from a their phone that you

couldn’t have possibly seen before.

TIME iSHIFTED (Effect)                                                                         162

A PK-style effect using a Phone.

iMAGE (Effect)                                                                                       168

Predict a photo chosen by a participant and prove it by

showing that photo on your phone in any date you like. 

iCAN REMOTE VIEW (Effect)                                                                 176

A dual-reality remote-viewing effect.

iBIRTHDAY (Effect)                                                                                188

A practical method for a direct revelation of a participant’s

Birthday/Star Sign.

TO PROVE OR NOT TO PROVE (Concept)                                             196

My thoughts on what lengths any serious performer should 

go to to create a deceptive show.

MAKING A STATEMENT (A cold-reading system)                              200

The simplest cold-reading system to memorise or create 

your own cold readings.

PRE-SHOW DRAMA (Thoughts on pre-show)                                    208

My thoughts on pre-show.

STORY TELLER (Effect)                                                                        212

A routine with a practical pre-show method to read a

participant’s mind.

ps,ACAAN (Effect)                                                                                 218

A practical pre-show ACAAN for close-up and table


iMEMORIES (Effect)                                                                              226

A beautiful effect with a very clever handling of an old 


DOUBLE PSYCHE (Effect)                                                                    242

A revelation of two thought-of cards.

MIND READING EXPERIENCES                                                           252

A day in the field.

THE RIFFLE SHUFFLE CODE (Principle)                                           256

Covertly signal any card to your accomplice by simply 


POST-IT DUPE (Effect/Method)                                                         260

Create an impression device with a single Post-it note.

NO DESIRE                                                                                          268

Getting to know me.

THE SEARCHLIGHT PRINCIPLE (Principle)                                      280

A principle to reveal the exact letter of which your 

participant is thinking.

THE SEARCHLIGHT BOOK TEST (Effect)                                          282

My approach to a book test that uses any book and is very 


FINGERZ (Principle)                                                                          288

A startling way to reveal letters in any word.

MYKE’S LOCATOR (Effect)                                                                290

A utility gimmick that allows you to locate any peeked-at 

card with almost no sleight of hand. Can be used for a 

book test, too.

MIND READING EXPERIENCES                                                        302

A day in the field.

88 MPH (Effect)                                                                                306

From a shuffled pack you are able to find the three mates 

of a card selected sight unseen.

DON’T BE AN ARSE                                                                         318

A word to “The Magician”.

PSYCHOLOGICAL SNAP (Effect)                                                     320

A game of Snap with your mind.

MIND READING EXPERIENCES                                                      332

A day in the field.

NERVOUS ABOUT PERFORMING                                                   336

A chapter on how to deal with nerves about the prospect

of performing.

PASS-CARD (Effect)                                                                        346

Four cards create a 1 in 10,000 code that creates another 

1 in 10,000 code that genuinely unlocks your iPhone.

THOUGHT-OF CARD (Effect)                                                          360

A method to force a participant to name a “freely” 

thought-of card.

GOOD HITS                                                                                      366

A day in the field.



A very bold but deceptive method to locate any card freely

chosen whilst your back is turned.

ADVICE FROM OTHER PERFORMERS                                          386

A little rant.

A COIN BEND (Effect)                                                                     388

A practical coin-bend routine.

KUROTS-MYKE (Effect)                                                                  392

A complete 20-minute act. 

BEING CHEEKY                                                                               400

Reversing the effect on the performer.

STOP WATCHING ME                                                                     404

A day in the field.

MYKE PHILLIPS STREET SHOW SCRIPT                                     408 

If you want to perform mentalism in the streets, here is 

my script. Take what you like.

A NOTE FROM ADY LLOYD                                                            422

A friend.

SALAH AAZEDINE (A true genius)                                                424

A short story about creating and producing with someone 

I have never met before.

A NOTE FROM SALAH AAZEDINE                                                 428

A friend.

OLIVIA (A bedtime story)                                                               430

“Myke, you are a great and very generous man, who is always willing to give more and more. A true genius mind.”


“Over the many years that I have been in this business I have devoured countless books, DVD’s and effects in search of ideas that I can adapt for use within my own work. Effects of this nature are very few and far between. What’s even more rare is to find an effect or idea which is so clean and polished that I’m happy to add it straight into my set without change. Myke Phillips has not only provided me with the latter on multiple occasions, he has also provided me with the one routine that I use on an almost daily basis. I am confident that “Olivia” will provide each and every reader with a goldmine of ideas to explore, I for one am very excited about this release and you should be too!”

Michael Murray

“Some are well read & full of knowledge. Some are creatively genius, and some are natural entertainers…But its rare to possess all of these gifts.

Myke Phillips happens to be one of them!” 

Bobby Motta

“Myke is a dynamic forward thinking Mentalist and his critical eye for detail allows him to create some of the most astounding, baffling and modern Mentalism effects that I’ve ever witnessed”.

Lloyd Barnes (Enigma LTD)