Morgan Strebler – Liquid Killer


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Morgan Strebler is back with the most creative and artistic metal-bending routine ever created. You must check out the video to experience this masterpiece.

Imagine not only bending a fork – how about miraculously twisting it into a virtually-unrecognizable shape having an artistic look? Spectators’ eyes pop out!

This is what the pro’s have to say about Liquid Killer:

“…he bends cutlery better than I do.”
– Uri Geller (Metal Bending Legend)

“…it literally does what it says on the tin — kills.”
– Peter Turner (Master Mentalist and Creative Consultant) 

“…he’s taken the fork destruction concept further than ever before…”
– Dee Christopher (BBC’s Killer Magic) 

“…Morgan is back with his unique metal bending style, but this time on steroids!…”
– Luca Volpe (The Italian Mentalist) 

“…all I can say is Liquid Killer… is killer!”
– Fraser Parker (Master Mentalist) 

Get and learn Liquid Killer – and watch your audience scream!