Michael O´Brien – How to Magish Vol 1 (official pdf version)

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Either way, the content in this project is a MUST READ for any young performer who wants to start turning their hobby into cold hard CASH!

The content itself is broken up into three parts. Part one focuses on improving your magic and finding new ways to grow as a performer. Part two talks about marketing and advertising as well as finding ways to find client leads. In part three we learn different ways you can earn money performing magic and how to get booked!!!

**Back cover**  

​ “How to Magish is the magician’s guide that will take you from amateur to professional virtually over night.

In a refreshingly simple how-to guide. Michael O’Brien spreads out 3 chapters helping you to:

– Create stunning magic that wows your audience and has clients calling you.

– Get consistent business without spending a cent on advertising and marketing.

– Instantly go from hit or miss hobbyist to paid professional.

By the end of How to Magish, you’ll understand how to create mind-blowing magic, how to maximize free online resources to generate an abundance of paid gigs, and how to make money appear IN your pocket instead of vanishing through your thumb tips.”