Mentalissimo – John Bannon

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John Bannon, one of Vanishing Inc’s very favorite creators, has released a brand new book: Mentalissimo. What makes this collection of card effects different from his previous collections is this: every effect in this book has a “mental” theme to it. You read the minds of spectators, predict outcomes, and know in advance decisions that spectators will make. Classics are approached, like “Out of this World,” but from the presentational angle of a mentalist.

What makes John Bannon one of the most popular creators in the field is his penchant for creating workable, practical, and easy solutions to direct effects. He has built a huge following of card-trick-loving magicians because his work touches the all-important three aspects of a trick: the premise, the construction, and the presentation. Bannon treats all three with equal appreciation. Reading a Bannon trick is like lifting the casing from a beautiful watch. Inside, where nobody sees, is great attention to detail, problem-solving, and evidence of an incredible time commitment. We are honored to offer this book, and delighted with the contents. Another Bannon classic!

The more I study card magic and mentalism, the more impressed I am with John Bannon. His “lean and mean” style of construction and execution inspires me. His routines are hard hitting and fun to perform.
Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Headliner
This stuff is fun to read, and fun to do.
Max Maven