Matt Pilcher – Pilcher’s Sniper (Instant Download)


Magician FOOLER!

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OKAY.. SO.. How would you cut directly to a spectators card? .. Or a four of a kind​? Or a winning poker hand? … Use a short card? A crimp? Stripper deck? Sure you could do it that way, BUT that’s the old way, the new way is using Pilcher’s Sniper. So, let’s break it down. A card is chosen at random, replaced in the deck, the deck is then cut however many times you wish and when you want to, you can cut DIRECTLY to their chosen card. To make it even more impressive you can do it blindfolded! No, really!

There are,
NO Short cards
NO Pinky Breaks
NO Stripper deck
NO Crimps
NO Marked cards
NO Bent corners
NO Punches
NO Nail nicks
NO ‘Seer Type’ Gimmicks
NO Adhesives
NO Card tracking
NO Protruding cards
NO Outjogs / Injogs

But what there is, is Pilcher’s Sniper. A brand new unique way to be able to cut directly to the card or cards you want, when you want.