Marc Kerstein – Tricks with your Phone

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6I’ve written my first PDF. It’s called “Tricks With Your Phone”.
It’s 27 pages long. The main attraction is:

An Impromptu Book Test With ANY Website.
Your spectator chooses any website, thinks of a word on the page, and you’re able to tell them exactly what word they’re thinking of.
(This one I hope to be worth the price of the PDF alone!)

You’ll also learn some bonus tricks including:

Siri reveals what card your spectator randomly chooses.
Your spectator selects a card. You ask Siri what card your friend chose. Siri reveals some information before automatically messaging your friend the reveal.

Your phone determines the result of random coin tosses.
A coin is tossed multiple times, and your phone reveals the results in a novel way.

A photo card prediction signed with the spectator’s initials.
A card is selected by your spectator. When opening your photos, you show that you took a photo of their card earlier and even signed their initials on it.


Note: you will need an iPhone 5S or later, capable of running iOS 12.