Mac King – Penguin Live Lecture (August 17th, 2014)


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“Mac is not the best comic-magician working The Las Vegas Strip. He’s the best comic-magician working anywhere.”
-Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller

“Mac King is, hands down, the best comedy magician ever! Plus his show is the best magic show in Las Vegas. From all his years on the road and on the Strip, he has a lot to teach any magician of any specialty. I have seen his show more than a dozen times and I have learned so much about putting a show together just by watching Mac perform.”
-David Kaye aka “Silly Billy”

“Of all the Las Vegas performers with a daytime show, who is originally from Kentucky and who wears a plaid suit, Mac King is one of the better ones…. Who am I kidding, Mac is one of the greatest comic magicians of all time, and he knows more about about getting laughs with amazing magic than any of us.”
-John Lovick

Acclaimed by MAGIC Magazine as the premiere comedy magician in the world today, Mac King was named “Magician of the Year” by the Magic Castle in Hollywood, has appeared on seven TV-Specials for NBC-TV, been voted the 6th best show in all of Las Vegas, and rocked the audience on The Late Show with David Letterman. He is currently starring in the long-running The Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah’s Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas where, over the last 14+ years, he has performed an incredible 7260 shows for more than two million fans.

As an after dinner corporate entertainer, he has wowed companies around the world with his astounding sleight of hand and irresistible humor.

He has a degree in anthropology and is a first-rate cook. And, according to his wife and daughter, he is a fine husband, a great dad, and all around swell fellow.

In this rare lecture appearance Mac will teach you (among other things):

  • Two different rope routines
  • A card to pocket routine
  • A trick with a shoe
  • A drink production
  • And a whole bunch of great sight gags.

He will also talk about (among other things):

  • Character development
  • Audience participation
  • Scripting
  • And combining comedy with magic.

There will also be (of course) many amusing stories of Mac’s years on the road and his long Vegas residency.