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Small Subtelties- Big Results

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I am incredibly proud to be able to share SMALL SUBTELTIES with you.
This took so long to complete!!
A lot of thought has gone into this and I’m so excited to share this with you!
The project focuses on not only the importance of Small Subtelties in terms of scripting and performance, asking the question “what is mentalism to you?” And using that to enhance your performance and create beautiful moments.
But also In terms of method, using Small Subtelties to be able to achieve those beautiful and amazing moments.
I can’t wait to go on this journey with you!
SUBTLE SCRIPTING – focuses on the importance and impact a script can have, taking a moment to reflect on what mentalism is to you.
SUBTLE TRUST- is a Propless drawing duplication showcasing the power of a script.
SUBTLE HANDS- After the foundations of the first chapter, this is a Propless system to force or backtrack anything with completely Invisibility. Using Small Subtelties to achieve the effect.
This is actually split into two main parts: SUBTLE CARDS and SUBTLE DATES.
SUBTLE CARDS- explores how to use this system to Proplessly not force a card, but also serve as a way to showcase how you are able to connect with the participant.
SUBTLE DATES: is a meaningful routine where you not only divine what month ( or star sign) the participant has, but also leave them with a beautiful and hopeful message.
SUBTLE TIPS and SUBTLE and SUBTLE IDEAS: go over some tips to help with this system and some ideas on how to apply it to anything else.