Luke Jermay – Reincarnation – The Event 2018 lecture notes (official pdf)


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Reincarnation – The Event 2018 Lecture Notes

For “The Event 2018” a one day mentalism convention in London, England; I prepared an exclusive new lecture called ‘Reincarnation’ focusing on “Jermay’s General Person Ploy” a utilitarian technique I have used in my performance work for many years in routines like “Touching On Hoy, Cartomancy, Touching On Divination” and many more.

For the lecture I planned to prepared a special set of lecture notes but things didn’t go according to plan!  Here is the truth: I sat down to write a short set of notes for the lecture.  I expected them to be no more than 10 or 15 pages.  Before I knew it the page count had jumped to 70!  What was planned to be a small set of lecture notes transformed into a book.  A book jam packed with new techniques, new approaches, word for word scripts and never before shared routines all built on “Jermay’s General Person Ploy”.   The response to the lecture and the book was so fantastic that I want to open up these new routines, subtitles and approaches to everyone.

In this 70 page, professionally edited and designed PDF document you will learn the original “Touching On Hoy” routine plus “Touching On Divination” but thats just where things begin!

This brand new PDF features routines that have never been taught or shared anywhere before including “Broadcast” in which the performer seemingly transmits detailed thoughts from his mind into the minds of receptive audience members and “All Are One” a radical new way to think about ‘Jermay’s General Person Ploy’ that allows routines of staggering power and depth utilising the entire audience at once!

“Reincarnation” is a 70 page (17,565 words) PDF instant download.  The material contained within is suitable for parlour and stage performances only. Full performances rights, for all performance settings including TV and recorded use are granted with purchase.