Luke Jermay – LIVE! (2 Volumes)


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For several years Luke Jermay has been very influential in the world of modern magic and mentalism. His books have been applauded by critics and the effects he has published are now part of the repertoire of many professional mentalists worldwide.

Luke Jermay was a consultant and designer for many magicians and mentalists on television such as Criss Angel and Derren Brown. Discover the work of Luke Jermay in real conditions with this double DVD which was made on his visit to Paris in November 2013. You can follow in detail the explanations and all the intricacies of Luke in English and subtitles in French. For more than 2 hours and 20 minutes, Luke introduces and explains many of his routines which have made his reputation.

Color Blind: Having honed this routine for several years, it was initially reserved for a small circle of friends. With his sixth sense the mentalist is able to identify the color of a previously mixed deck of cards shuffled by the viewer in completely impossible conditions. Luke shares here several ingenious principles that you can use in other mentalism routines.Color Sense: The most complete version of the effect of color divination which Luke has used for several years. The effect fits easily into any working portfolio. Originally Luke had this effect with playing cards ( see above )

Memory Card V6: Out for the first time the new version of Luke’s memory effect, this routine is carried out in three phases all under impossible conditions. It gives the impression to your viewer that you are actually capable of super human memory feats.

Living or Dead Test: The version thta Luke presents in his lecture was long kept secret, you will find on this DVD a smart and sophisticated version of the famous Living and Dead Test that you can use to devastate your audience.

Touching on Hoy: One of the strongest demonstrations of mind reading ever designed, the method is completely diabolical. You will be able to guess the thoughts of many spectators on stage without any accessory or accomplice. This is one of the routines that Luke is most proud of. He has presented this version many times in his show in Las Vegas.Additional Features:
More in the company of Luke 2:20 Jermay
Fully subtitled in French

More about Luke Jermay:
Imagine that you meet someone who teaches you how to achieve the impossible. A person who has worked with Derren Brown, Dynamo and many others to achieve the impossible. You spend several hours with him and you come out with an arsenal of techniques that would make jealous any superhero!

Imagine having the ability to read minds. Specifically in detail with no accomplice, no cold reading and without pre-show or accessories. So perfect that even the most skeptical member of the public will be astounded by the demonstration ( and yet so simple to perform! )

Imagine having a superhuman memory. You take a look at a card game mixed and honestly you memorize the order instantly. In a split second, you know the order as to be able to recite it from beginning to end, then upside down, and even give the exact position of name cards. And all this without prior effort of memory, without drive, and using a card game mixed, honestly!

Imagine being able to change fate. A demo allowing you to control luck. Without difficult manipulations.

No need to imagine. There is a person who can teach you how to make these impossible demonstrations, and much more. This person is Luke Jermay.

You are invited to meet the man who is responsible for these miracles. Luke promises an incredible mix of original card magic and powerful mentalism.