Luca Volpe Alex Le Fanu – POWERFUL WORDS -Full Mentalism Show for Corporate Audience (limited release)

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“Powerful Words” is a fully structured and scripted mentalism show for corporate performances.The show is designed to fit in a small bag and only requires props that you already have or that you can purchase from any stationery supplier. Corporate companies are willing to pay good money for a ‘tailor made’ performance and this show is structured around a motivational theme that can be easily adapted to each corporate client. The show duration is 30 minutes or more depending on your performance style. Plus you will find links to download all necessary graphics you need for the show. The only requirement is a double blank bicycle deck that can easily be obtained from all good magic shops worldwide. If you want to impress your corporate audience with a guaranteed standing ovation then this is what you are looking for!

Pages: 68

Language: English


Hi Guys after years of performing this I have decided to share to the community.
Is something that is designed for corporate audience bit cam be easily adapted to any performance situation.
Will be a limited release book and as my previous books ” The White Rose” and “The Psychic Show” once they will be sold out will never be printed anymore.
The price should be around 100 USD more info will come Smile
For now here are the foreword by Marc SalemLuca is so good, it is almost scary….and sacred.He is multi talented, multi lingual, multi multi. How he does it all I will never know. The book you have in your hand has many secrets and subtlety.

It has extra PDFs,files to download performance options, and extra tips. And you could virtually fit it into your pocket.

Luca takes you step-by-step through a series of techniques that as a whole creates something impossible.

And you can adapt it to any persona and audience size. I am jealous Luca. Not just of the volume of your output (any idiot can do that) but the quality!!

It has something old, but you will be seeing it for the first time.

It’s not a card trick, but it can use them.

It’s not a book test, but it uses words.

Believe me, or don’t, but I stand behind this, and use it in my own way. You will walk up to me and ask where it’s from. I will say Luca, and you will say: well I never saw it in print.

I will only smile wisely.

Unless you read this, and again, and again

Marc Salem
July 2016