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One of Lewis Le Val’s best releases yet is finally here! This, is Thought Theatre.

Why is it so good? Because everything you do in these routines is completely real.

Yes, real!

There is zero deception involved, yet you can perform this material without fear of failure.


What is Thought Theatre?

After placing your spectator in an altered state of mind, the moment you snap your fingers, a real image or vision from their subconscious mind suddenly appears in their mind’s eye! After describing what they saw, you are then able to interpret (for real) the meaning behind this vision, which can provide wisdom, insight and deeper understanding into their life and current situation.

This is a reading in the purest form! It will be different, personal and meaningful every single time you do this, and you will have nothing to memorise at all! How will you know what to say? Le Val beautifully breaks down the inner workings of this performance piece, and tells you everything you need to know to begin performing this almost INSTANTLY!

Taking it further, you have your spectator, with their non-dominant hand, draw on your business card what they saw in their vision. This direct connection with the subconscious will give you even more to add to your reading, and will give them your business card, which they will definitely want to keep.

You can do this with anyone, anywhere at any time.

Then, in a free-flowing thought essay, Le Val explains how you can begin to do genuine and impactful intuitive readings. No guessing, no systems, no memory work, no fishing or cold reading, this is the real deal (and it’s easier than you might think!)

After this, Le Val shares what he likes to call Dream Theatre. Imagine this:

A mystical symbol is drawn on your business card and given to your spectator to take home. At night before they go to sleep, they are to stare at this symbol for 2-3 minutes. Upon closing their eyes, right before falling asleep, their subconscious mind unlocks and their mind’s eye is flooded with 100% genuine visions, which can provide insight and deeper understanding of their life’s questions. This can also be used to influence your spectator’s dreams!

Once again, this is REAL and works every time.

As a bonus, Le Val also included his Black Mirror Reading. We already know that you are going to love this! Absolutely everyone carries a black mirror with them, every single day. It can be startling to see how much of ourselves we unknowingly bury within it, and with the Black Mirror Reading, all will be revealed.

This is a fun, engaging and extremely relatable form of divination for a modern audience, which, one more time, is completely real. The use of deception is not required to perform this.

Everything in this 33 page ebook is entirely PROPLESS, unless of course you decide to hand out a business card, or two, or three, or ten, because once people see you performing this material, you will be mobbed with requests!

Le Val shares everything you need to know to begin using this material right away, no stone is left unturned.

Not only that, but these pages are crammed with subtleties and little details that will just make everything that bit better!


You will also find two extra variations of Thought Theatre, along with all of the poetic presentational points you’d expect from a Le Val routine.

While not difficult to perform, this material may take time to get your head around (about 10 minutes and you’re good to go!)


In one of his finest works, we proudly present Thought Theatre, by Lewis Le Val