Lewis Le Val – Invocation (official pdf)


Invoke the feeling of a genuinely cast ‘magic spell’ beginning to work.

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Your participant casts a spell, and you demonstrate it beginning to work.

In this 32 page PDF, Lewis provides a specially designed magic square, that’s NOT a ‘magic square’. Instead, on a folded slip of paper that you can carry in your wallet, is a hand-drawn square with different types of spells, intentions or points of focus written around its edges, words like love, growth, insight, change, power, and so on. In having your participant merely THINK of one of these topics in the form of a simple ritual, you will know EXACTLY which one they have chosen.


Here’s the effect.

You introduce the idea of casting a spell (or a visualisation to achieve a particular outcome), and unfold a hand-written note from your pocket. On each side of the paper is a square, with various topics, or types of spells written along the square’s edges. After instructing your participant to choose a topic, they are to focus on the square as though gazing into a crystal ball, and visualise the area of their life which falls under their chosen topic, as it is now. Then, they turn the paper over and focus on the second square, this time visualising this area of their life as they desire it to be. The paper is then folded and returned to your pocket. Your participant says nothing, not a single word and yet you know the exact topic they chose. From here, the information is revealed in such a way that it genuinely feels like their ‘spell’ is beginning to take effect.

You will receive a 32 page PDF, along with two .png files of the basic design, so that you can print them at home and then write over them in pen, so that your Invocation paper looks and feels hand-written, yet maintains clarity, readability and composition.

In the PDF you will also find various ways of revealing the information, as well as plenty of inspiration and ideas on how to present your Invocation square; from visual appearance to thematic concept. Invocation is also customisable too, allowing you to swap Lewis’ words for any of your own, such as dream symbols, life topics for readings, zodiac signs and more. Scripting is also provided, which contains a profoundly mystical ‘spiritual truth’, ideal for sharing in any situation, even outside of a performance environment.

Invocation is suitable for, and adjustable to, all styles of mentalism, but if you are more of a mystical performer, what you’ll find inside here is gold.

32 page PDF instant download, with 2 .png files.