Lewis Le Val – Diary of a Travelling Man


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…as with most of Le Val’s stuff, it is more about presentation, but there are some really nice methods in here too. My favourite is Art Of knowing – reeeeeally nice sequence to read the minds of a whole table or group one after another! 
Dee Christopher
Lé Val’s thought provoking collection of mentalism secrets, written while travellng country to country, perfecting the material inside by working full time as a mystic, fortune teller and mentalist.
5 fantastic effects and real world ideas.
This is an UNMISSABLE publication. It is well written and will not only give you some incredible routines with amazing presentations and killer effects, all of this stuff uses minimal props. You could do everything in this book at a gig, wearing just trousers and a shirt.
No jacket required to house a million items! As some of these effects use playing cards, it’s perfect for the modern mentalist, the magician getting more into mentalism, the cartomancer or the seasoned professional looking for impromptu demonstrations they can perform anywhere.
Here’s the contents: (not including the hidden golden pieces of advice the book is littered with!)
Fortunes Told 
“From the days of old when fortunes were told…”  You take a glimpse into the heart and mind of your spectator, revealing specific details about their past and present before leaving them with a mysterious souvenir predicting their future.  Using nothing more than three business cards and a pen, Fortune’s Told uses a powerful concept in mentalism, alongside a relatable presentation. The handling is straightforward and no previous fortune telling skills are required!
Pocket Ouija 
“I did not believe the Devil knew my thoughts until he used my own hands to show me…”  Twelve cards are arranged face up in a circle on a table. The empty card box is placed in the middle. The fingertips of willing participants are placed gently upon the box.  After a few moments, the box begins to slowly and eerily move across the table to a selected card that was only LOOKED at. This completely hands off effect requires nothing more than a borrowed deck of cards which you never touch, and 3 or more spectators. There are no gimmicks or setup required.
Rhythm Of Life
 “Thousands of years ago in the caves of North Africa, before language was created or gods were thought of …”  An eight thousand year old form of communication is brought to life once again when your spectator successfully transmits unspoken thoughts to you.  This simple, fun and beautiful presentation leaves your spectator feeling inspired, with a small piece of art that they will want to keep in their wallet forever!
The Art Of Knowing 
(This is a REAL stand out piece – It includes video instruction too!)
You give three spectators a blank business card each. They each make a drawing on their cards, which are then collected and mixed by one spectator.  The cards are then placed face down in a row on the table. You hold your hand over the first card and begin to describe personal details about the person who drew it.  After correctly identifying the artist, you accurately describe the drawing and then finally, reveal what the drawing is!  The card is then turned over to show that you are correct! You then repeat this with the next drawing, and then the next!  You verbally reveal who did the drawing and what the drawing is before you touch the card or turn it over! There are no markings, gimmicks or setup.  Completely clean, straightforward, can be done with more than three people and all you need are blank business cards and a pen!
 The Gift Of Second Sight 
You temporarily give a spectator the ability to know the impossible and see what others cannot.  You pass on your gift to them, and they turn away whilst another spectator selects a card, memorizes it and returns it to the deck.  The cards are put back in the box and given to your gifted spectator to hold. After a few moments of concentration, they take the cards out of the box and begin dealing through them. They instinctively stop at the selected card, even though they couldn’t possibly have known what the selected card was or its location in the deck!  Of course the deck is normal and everything can be examined.