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If you read by my books, you already know Marty Kane.  One-man inserts in The Trapdoor and one-man chapters in Semi-Automatic Card Tricks. This is a NEW (as in not-used) book.  It’s also a NEW (as in just released) book of 68 card tricks – 49 without sleight of hand, 41 impromptu.  Hardbound, 224 pages and 80 photos.  Limited supply.  Foreword by Peter Duffie.  Introduction by Steve Beam.


“Dealing! Counting! Cyclical stacks! Mathematics! The stuff of entertaining, deceptive card magic? Many would say ‘No way’ without a further thought and turn up their noses, but they’re the deprived souls who are unfamiliar with the quirky creations of Marty Kane. His special brand of gullery, evidenced in spades in Card ChiKANEry, combines outrageous patter, offbeat presentations and wily principles into befuddling foolers that are fun to fiddle with and fun to perform: novel and original card magic with a sense of humor!“— J.K. Hartman

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Become a Magician Instantly!
Effects anyone can perform
David Copperfield Down Under
Popularity Con Test
Spelling Bee Rounds
Three-Peat Deceit
Hotel Mystery & Misery
The One O’Clock Mystery Suits All

Chapter 2
Smart Alex
Variations of Alex Elmsley’s “Australian Self-Help”
Survivor TV Series
Jack of All Trades
Houdini’s Deck-Aids of Life
Carat on a Stick
Jury Conjury
Apart – Hide
Suit Per Suit Pursuit
Guide to the Australian Self-Help

Chapter 3
Circular Reasoning
Effects displaying a round layout of cards
Pole Dancer
Kermit the Leap Frog

Chapter 4
Jim’s Gem
Variations of Jim Steinmeyer’s “9 Card Problem”
Acme Lie Speller
World’s 1st Card Trick

Chapter 5
Unshakeable Positions
Effects with prearranged cards retaining their
position in a packet after unlimited mixing by the spectator
Left and Rite
Right in the Face
Best Poker Hands
Trick With a Week Ending
Christmas Tree Trick

Chapter 6
The Freak Cut Ploy
Effects featuring the
Hamilton/Finnell Free-Cut Principle
Dream Team Scheme
Zoo Story
Make King Music

Chapter 7
ExBert Card Technique
Variations of Bert Allerton and Henry Christ’s
“Allerchrist Card Trick”
Instant Lottery
Foursome For Sum
Nightmare Poker

Chapter 8
Precision Divisions
Effects involving repetitive halving of card quantities
Modern Day Moracle
Men in Black
Odyssey of an Odd Aussie
Halve it Your Way
Divide and Conjure!
Odd Lot
White House Cleaning

Chapter 9
Pasteboard Punchlines
Effects concocted for their final tagline
Wring Around the Collar
Way Down Under
Axes of Evil
Range Rover
Key Points in Mind Reading
Altar Ego
Press the Digit Eight!

Chapter 10
Spelling Excelling
Assorted effects with EVEN MORE spelling than most
Impractical Joker
King of Swing
Bottoming Out Today
Sofa King

Chapter 11
Keep Colm and Deal With It
Effects using 2 Principles from Colm Mulcahy’s
Mathematical Card Tricks: Fifty-Two New Effects
Car Jack King
Truth Sleuth
Forsooth, Four Suits!
Blackjack Knack
Sole Mate
Devilish Angel
Magic in 3-D
Further Thoughts on Bottom To Top Principles

Chapter 12
Tricks in Search of a Chapter Theme
Sex, Gambling, and Magic
Card-Man’s Best Friend
Magic Word Play
Single Deck Spell Check

Chapter 13
Tricked-out Tricks
Accessorized cards
Anna Graham’s Magic Spells
Rainbow Chaser

Chapter 14 – Bonus
No cards, coins or clothes on your behalf are needed to perform
Cursed by an Evil Spell
Finger Flinger (with Steve Beam)
Phone Zone by Peter Duffie