Juan Tamariz – Lucky at Cards presented by Dan Harlan

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Your spectator shuffles as much as they like, deals cards and EVEN CHOOSES WHICH HAND IS THEIRS… and they get the lucky hand. EARLY BIRD PRICE ENDS SOON.

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This is a crazy trick.

1. Your spectator shuffles the cards up as much as they like — you never touch them throughout the entire trick!!!!
2. THEY deal out 3 hands of cards and THEY EVEN CHOOSE WHICH HAND THEY WANT.
3. Not only do they pick the winning hand, their cards equal 15 points, the exact “lucky” number you need to win “Escoba”

The secret to how this works is mind-blowing. And Dan Harlan teaches in depth how it all works under the hood. But here’s all you need to know: It’s basically self-working and it fools everyone — even you.

Perform an amazing interactive card trick from the other side of the planet. Developed by the master of Verbal Magic, Juan Tamariz, and presented by Dan Harlan, Lucky At Cards is an incredible effect to test your audience’s luck at a game of chance and is great to perform on Zoom, Skype, even over the phone. Direct from Juan Tamariz’s amazing book Verbal Magic, this effect is a truly remarkable card trick that will leave your audience speechless.

Here’s what happens:

The audience is instructed to grab a deck of cards and remove the 1-9 of any suit. If they don’t have a deck of cards they could write the numbers 1-9 on small slips of paper. The Spanish game of Escoba is introduced where the goal is to make a hand of 3 cards that equals 15 points. The cards are mixed, cut, and dealt into three hands of three cards. The spectator is allowed to select any hand they want, and miraculously their hand contains 15 points. A winner every time!

Originally performed over the radio by Juan Tamariz, this effect is as amazing in person as it is over the internet. Expertly taught by Dan Harlan, you’ll learn the mechanics of the effect as well as a full presentation and the nuances to perform this great test of luck with cards, or numbered slips of paper, even though you aren’t in the same room. This simple to perform trick is a powerful effect that magicians of all skill levels will love. This is The Impossible In Your Hands by Juan Tamariz, presented by Dan Harlan.