Joseph Barry – Operandi Issue Three (Limited Edition)


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Two-card dowsing
A unique take on the card at number plot by Luke Jermay.

One for the boys #1
A impossible card find by Ross Tayler and Charlie Ordaina.

10 Commandments for attending a card session
The Operandi guide to keeping your next card session in check.

How to cheat at cards
Our guide to our favourite books on cheating at card games.

A lie detector routine
A fooling gambling effect by Joe Barry.

A conversation with Gary Plants
Gary tells us about his life in magic as well as teach two of his unpublished card effects. Gary also shares some of his tips on the best ways to practice card sleights.

Border control
A hidden secret within well known deck of cards is revealed.

Turning around and going home
Joe Barry’s updated handling of the ‘Biddle trick’

The Psychological spread force
Joe’s go-to card force.