Jon Racherbaumer – Lazing: Lazy Man’s Card Trick

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This compilation, like my others, my goal is to discover the “bits and pieces” and in this particular case, to partially answer how and why The Lazy Man’s Card Trick came into being?

  • A Few Words Before You Begin
  • Introduction
    • An Inauspicious Beginning
    • Origin Story: The Seed
    • The Row of Ten Cards (S. W. Erdnase)
    • About the Supposed Operative Principle
    • Ziska’s Incomprehensible Card Effect
    • Incomprehensible Divination (Hilliard)
    • Who Was Ziska?
  • A Morphing Begins
    • That Number Down (Doc Miller)
    • The Traveling Card (Jack Miller)
    • A Lazy Man Does a Card Trick (Al Koran)
    • Lazy Man’s Card Trick (Harry Lorayne)
  • The Plot Resurfaces and Thickens
    • Laziest Man’s Card Trick (Marlo-Racherbaumer)
    • A Deeper Mystery (Michael Skinner)
  • Playing to the Gallery
    • Doubly Lazy (Simon Aronson)
    • Lazy Man’s Easy Card Trick (Kirk Charles)
    • A Lazy Rescue (Terry Wenham)
    • In Situ Lazy Man’s Card Trick (Jon Racherbaumer)
    • Laid-Back Location (Jon Racherbaumer)
    • Penultiment Thoughts
  • Appendix
  • Selected Bibliography

1st edition 2020, PDF 75 pages.
word count: 19424 which is equivalent to 77 standard pages of text