John Wilson – Penguin live lecture (September 17th, 2017)


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“John Wilson’s magic heals the soul, awakens the spirit, and liberates the unconscious mind; and I can say that even though I’m pretty certain such things don’t exist. There is only one John Wilson, and he is a wizard.” –Jared Kopf

“John Wilson has been the secret go-to-guy for the secret guys! Now you, too, will know why.”Paul Vigil

“I’ve made a point not to perform John Wilson’s material in front of other magicians. I guess now the secrets out. My highest recommendation!” –Mike Pisciotta

What will he teach?

An Entertaining Gambling Demonstration (a set of three gambling themed effects)

The Parabola (the participant cuts to any named card)

The Key That Opens Nothing (the haunted key)

The Hypnotic Coin Bend

Euler and Water (a feat of mental calculation)

Outer This World (the performer mentally separates the colors from a shuffled deck)

Who is he?

John Wilson is a Dallas, Texas based tarologist, hypnotist, and magician. He is the author ofYou and Me and the Devil Makes Three volumes 1 and 2, was a review columnist forMagic Magazine, and has worked as a consultant for motion pictures. His work focuses on magic as fine art and as a transformative experience.