John McClure – Slices of my Mind – A Collection of Magic Tricks and Mentalism Effects (official pdf)


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John McClure – Slices of my Mind

A collection of magic tricks and mental-themed effects.


Bold & Cheeky Impromptu Book Test
Completely impromptu book test. Any book can be used.

Another Book Test
An un-gimmicked book test involving free choices made by several spectators.

Clock Prediction
A spectator freely eliminates clocks until his final selection matches your prediction which has been in a sealed envelope in plain sight since the trick began.

ESP Brainwave
The spectator’s choice matches your prediction – which turns out to be a different colour to the rest of the cards.

Whole Deck Brainwave
The spectator freely selects any card from a face-up spread (no force). The card selected is shown to have a different coloured back from the rest of the deck.

Any Card, Any Number, Any Deck
A spectator’s card is found to be at the exact position stated by the spectator himself. Completely impromptu.

Mind-Reading by Telephone
A spectator thinks of a card – a completely free choice. The performer gives him a business card with a phone number on. The spectator calls the number and without any hesitation the person at the other end of the phone reveals the thought-of card.

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