John Kennedy – Hold Your Fire


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Imagine picking the flame off a lighter! The trailer gives you a perfect sample of what you can do with this terrific new concept. This is what we like to call an “interlude” effect. If you do anything that requires a lighter in your work, this is a great piece to add in.

We love the idea of moving the flame down the body of the lighter, and making it jump from hand to hand. Eating the flame looks pretty cool, too. The best application, we think, is to change the flame INTO the prop you will use next. You can change it into a coin, a sponge ball, or anything else you can conceal in your hand. The gimmick is made of solid steal and will last a lifetime.

  • Take the flame off and put it back on the lighter.
  • Eat the flame.
  • Slide the flame along the lighter.
  • Change the flame into a coin, ring, etc.