Jim Kleefeld – Horror Verite (pdf + all template files)


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Kleefeld – one of the brights minds in the art has another WINNER! A Frightful Mindreading Experience. The sequel you knew you wanted is now here. It’s Classic Film Verite done with horror movies. Is this a good idea or what? HELLO! I’m already envisioning how I’m going to make people’s skin crawl on this one. Thirty-two horror film posters printed on sturdy, glossy 4×6 cards. Incredible mind-reading. Incredibly easy to perform. An absolutely baffling, unfathomable secret.

Dracula, Amityville, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Alien, Exorcist, Wolf Man, Halloween, The Shining, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Frankenstein, Saw, Carrie, Rosemaary’s Baby…all your horror favorites from the past and present are here. If you have Classic Film Verite, you NEED to have this version. Perform Horror Verite as a stand-alone effect, or add these cards to your Classic Film Verite set and use all 64 films.

Pass out the cards to anyone in the audience. Have anyone choose a film. They read a list of films on the card and you KNOW what film they chose. No stack, no peek, no billets, no impression pads, no pre-show, no stooges. Do it over and over and no one will ever discover your secret method.

Tell the spectator the name of the film they chose – any one of 32 different films. Or, give a visual description of a scene in their film. Or, make a drawing that reveals an image they have in their mind. Plus, a bonus effect – tell the spectaor exactly which number this film rests at in the Top 100 Horror Films listing.

Housed in a deceptively labeled creepy black cardboard box, this set looks for all the world like a set of collectible poster cards. Best news – the price has NOT gone up.

A Hot Tip: Trust me, you will want a back-up set. You WILL perform this so often that you will wear out your cards. Many people bought two, three or four sets of Classic Film Verite so they would always be prepared.

EFFECT: Have your audience pass around a set of cards with 32 different classic film posters. The set includes all-time “most popular” films like Gone With the Wind, The Godfather, Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz, and Pulp Fiction. Each card has a film poster on the front and a list of films from the set on the back.You have no idea who has which film poster. Have anyone choose one and think about the title. They read the names of the films from their card, and you tell them exactly which film they are thinking of. In addition, you tell them the exact number of film critics who voted for that film out of all films.

Repeat the effects with anyone else. They think of a film and read the same list of titles. You always know which film your spectator is thinking of and the unique number of votes the list got.

An amazing secret, so easy you will be doing it in minutes.
No crib sheets.
The spectator can read the list in any order.
Nothing to memorize.
Nothing extra to carry.
Use just the 32 postcards.
Extra-thick, heavy stock, full color, glossy varnish, rounded corners.
Complete with a sturdy snap-closure carrying case.
Use all 32 cards or just slip ten or twelve into your pocket and still perform it exactly the same way.

NOTE: This products comes with a value added download. Check your e-mail order confirmaiton and look for Download. A link to this PDF is also provided with the physical product too. But in an effort to cover bases, we are including it also, as a PDF Download.