Jerry Andrus – Andrus Card Control Vol. 1 and 2 (Scanned version)

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Imagine having a card signed and inserted into the deck, stopping when the card is sticking out of the deck 1/8th of an inch, so the spectator can see it (his actual card), going in. The card is pushed in the rest of the way, then the spectator is asked to name a number between 1-15. You, without ANY cuts, shuffles or ‘moves’ of any kind, legitimately count to the named number and find the signed card!

This, and dozens of other miracles, are taught in this two volume, 176 page set of books.

Let’s not mince our words here: Jerry Andrus was an insanely creative, ridiculously inquisitive individual. This set of books was his best work on magic and it is a must-own for anyone interested in experimenting with sleight of hand card magic.

Andrus saw the deck in a different way to anyone else we know. He found interesting ways to shuffle, palm, reverse, pass and change cards. They’re all detailed here. Volume one contains the updated and reformatted text. Volume two contains over 1,050 line art illustrations by the author. Each book is spiral-bound, for ease of learning (they can be laid flat on the table).

Check these out. Seriously. Do it.


Chapter 1 General Comments

Chapter 2 The “Clivot” Principle and Jog and Injog

  • CLIVOT Principle
  • Diagonal Jog
  • Injog
  • Side Jog
  • L.F. Side Jog
  • Banded Injog

Chapter 3 Injoggery (Injog Sleights)

  • Drift Shift
  • Injogto (Injog Turn-Over)
  • “Gambler’s Aces”
  • Clip Slip
  • Top Clip Slip
  • Clip Slip with Handkerchief
  • Back Jog Turn-Over

Chapter 4 Sidewinder Shift

  • Sidewinder to Top
  • Sidewinder to Given Number
  • “Tracker Jacks”
  • Sidewinder Deal
  • Sidewinder Clip
  • Sidewinder Palm
  • Sidewinder Mystery
  • Sidewinder Shuffle
  • Sidewinder T O (Turn Over)

Chapter 5 Pivotal Sleights

  • Sneak Peak
  • Drag Strip
  • Drag Strip to Card Case
  • LFX (Little Finger Extraction)
  • Banded LFX

Chapter 6 Panoramic Shift

  • Panoramic Shift
  • Short Wave Pass
  • Panoramic Clip
  • Swivel Shift
  • Side Shift
  • Banded Panoramic
  • Banded Twivot
  • Psychiatric Shift
  • Side Delivery Palm
  • Side Delivery Turn Over
  • Banded Side Delivery Turn Over
  • Ginza Shift
  • Ginza Sleeving

Chapter 7 Sleevery

  • Basic Sleevery
  • RLF (Right Little Finger) Sleeving
  • Standing Sleevery
  • Bandit Sleeving
  • De-Sleeving