Jeff Kaylor – Penguin LIVE Lecture (July 31st, 2016)

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“Jeff will fool you with his magic, amaze you with innovative methods and he’ll wrap it all in a performance package that’s easy to love!” – Michael Ammar

“Innovative. Ground breaking. Inspiring. Jeff Kaylor is all of these things and more to me. One of my favorite people on this planet.” – Bill Abbott

“Jeff Kaylor is my type of entertainer. He creates solid close up and stand up material for the real world working performer. He has a unique talent for producing strong effects, using ingenious methods, that always have a commercial appeal. If you have the opportunity to see Jeff lecture, seize it!” – Cody S. Fisher

“Having known Jeff for 10 years, I can tell you that everything you will see in this lecture is the real deal. You will be excited to run out and use what you learn from him right away.” – Anton James

What will he teach?

TKO 2.0 – Jeff reveals the creation process and techniques of the first product ever given 100% by both hosts on the Wizard Product Review.

Any Card to Any Spectator’s Wallet & The Ultimate Card Control Utility – I will cover the techniques, multiple selection and card to spectators wallet.

The Unbelievalope – Jeff reveals the cleanest multiple prediction effect that can replace 00 prediction boxes.

The Tough Cookie Killer – Jeff’s go to effect for turning any difficult spectator into a fan.

Idea Dump – This is a section filled with a bunch of ideas for magic and real life that will make you more interesting and build deeper relationships.

Creating Magic Moments – I will talk abut my biggest passion – How to create magic moments in your daily interactions by using the techniques of world renown magicians.

Theory – Including how to get incredible reactions, what I learned from touring the world with Michael Ammar, How a piece of shrimp got me booked for multiple speeches at the #1 tourist destination in the world, How to make a piece of sushi appear and made a lifelong friend in the process, Perfecting Your Climax: How to Find the Perfect Spectator for the “Big Moment”.

The Magic Estate – How to build a collaborative community & Believe in the people around you.

Who is he?

Jeff Kaylor is a magic creator, consultant, performer, speaker, cinematographer and co-founder of the Magic Estate in Orlando, Fl. Jeff is known throughout the magic community for his revolutionary utility devices including TKO 2.0, Any Signed Card to Any Spectator’s Wallet, and the Unbelievalope.

For two Years, Jeff toured the world with Michael Ammar including over 200 cities in 13 countries. He has both produced products and consulted with many top magicians including Michael Ammar, Justin Willman, Karl Hein, Giovanni Livera, Cody Fisher, Terry Ward, and Chad Long. His goal is to create high quality, real world ideas, to inspire others while creating strong community in magic.

Jeff is currently touring the country speaking for companies and creative societies with his “Creating Magic Moments” speech. Jeff teaches the techniques of world renowned magicians so that his audience can create memorable moments and unforgettable relationships in their lives and businesses.