Jay Sankey – Sleight of Hand


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In this compilation of 47 videos:

01 “Splat Production” -> And odd but visual card production. Quirky!

02 “Erdnase/Houdini Change” -> One of the most visual and PRACTICAL card changes in the world.

03 “B.P.Ditch” -> A funky lapping technique with the sublime Gallo Pitch.

04 “Cuff To Cuff” -> A very casual and natural way to show your hands EMPTY.

05 “Heavy Metal” -> Great way to vanish a spoon, pen, almost any small object while seated.

06 “Paintbrush Change” -> A beautiful card change. Easy and very ‘focused.’

07 “Palm Off Card Change” -> A simple, natural action provides the perfect cover for this change.

08 “Airborne” -> Cause a playing card to visually change in mid air!

09 “Maximum Melt” -> An especially sneaky opening phase for a ring and rope routine.

10 “Second Deal Change” -> This disarming change can look very relaxed and natural.

11 “Favorite Slip Knot” -> This technique creates an extremely convincing false knot.

12 “Tap Vanish” -> A convincing vanish for almost any smaller, thin or rectangular object.

13 “Undercover Top Change” -> A version of the classic Top Change with unlimited applications

14 “Submarine Vanish” -> This coin vanish looks great, but the timing has to be perfect

15 “Mephisto Change” -> A very difficult, but really powerful coin transformation. [There’s also an Advanced one.]

16 “Tilt” -> One of the most deceptive versatile card sleights for beginners to learn.

17 “Illogical Cut (Variation)” -> Lou Johnson’s ‘messy version’ of the popular flourish

18 “Gonzo” -> Very practical technique for vanishes and transformations.

19 “Handkerchief Vanish” -> A classic way to vanish a coin or almost any small object.

20 “Silver Lining” -> A coin appears from inside the folds of a borrowed dollar bill.

21 “Wave Load” -> A subtle version of the L’Homme Masque coin technique.

22 “Twirl Change” -> An Edward Marlo change with a very clean display of the playing card.

23 “One Hand Cut” -> A classic sleight. Perfect way to show you got ‘skillz.’

24 “False Take-Off Change” -> An especially ‘misleading’ technique.

25 “The Ol’ Coin Up Nose” -> Mike Skutt’s wonderfully sophisticated version of the classic con.

26 “Jam Session” -> A few sleight-of-hand ideas with a borrowed coin and an ordinary pen.

27 “Botop Change” -> A very difficult technique, capable of powerfully visual changes and secret switches.

28 “Warm-Up Production” -> A very casual and disarming coin production.

29 “Coin From Borrowed Bill” -> A great way to start a more involved routine with a single coin.

30 “Ken Krenzel’s ‘Rise Rise Rise'” -> This killer card change happens while the deck is resting ON THE TABLE.

31 “The Classic Pass” -> One of Jay’s all-time favorite sleights. Find out why.

32 “Tenkai Card Change” -> This change is extremely ‘angly’ but it looks like real magic.

33 “Shanghai Change” -> A pretty card change (but you really have to watch your angles!)

34 “The Spread Pass” -> This ‘old school’ technique provides a lot of inherent visual cover for the sleights involved.

35 “‘Flipstick’ Technique” -> Some valuable tips on a wonderfully VISUAL technique

36 “P.O.V. Change” -> A difficult, but especially visual coin change.

37 “The Radar Switch” -> An absolutely undetectable coin switch.

38 “Drop Zone Production” -> Startling one coin production from undeniably empty hands.

39 “The Convincing Control” -> An indetectable technique that switches AND controls the selected card.

40 “Distant Misdirection Palm” -> This devious technique is perfect for ‘card to pocket or wallet’ routines.

41 “Topper” -> Jay adapts Frank Garcia’s powerful card sleight for a 3-phase routine.

42 “Rubaway Vanish” -> A great technique to vanish or change an (apparently) tabled card.

43 “One Hand Shuffle” -> One of the most difficult flourishes in all of card magic.

44 “Mercury Card Fold” -> One of Jay’s all-time favorite card sleights.

45 “One Hand Top Palm” -> A ‘must learn’ sleight for all serious students of magic with playing cards.

46 “Starfish Change” -> This playing card change is quite ‘angle-y’ but looks like real magic.

47 “Mephisto Change (Adv)” -> An especially difficult coin sleight. Extremely visual change.