Jay Sankey – Hoodlum (you can use your own Hoodie cord)


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“This is truly FANTASTIC!”-Chris Dawes
“I’m going to be wearing this ALL the time!”-Mitch Frost
“Just ordered mine.”-Mark Wellington

Rope magic just got a lot more ‘street!’

The ‘Hoodlum’ cord is designed to work with literally ANY hoodie (so long as the draw string isn’t permanently sewn into the hood.) And Jay shows you how to easily add the cord to your hoodie in LESS THAN ONE MINUTE!

The special cord is:

*the perfect weight and thickness
*tightly ‘holds’ a variety of knots
*easily customized to fit ANY size hoodie
*can be closely examined
*and looks EXACTLY like the drawstring from your favorite hoodie!

Comes complete with a generous amount of the special ‘Hoodlum’ cord plus an EPIC 50-MINUTE tutorial video!

You’ll learn INSANE stretches, appearances, penetrations, restorations, vanishes, transformations and even playing card revelations!

Here are just SOME of the incredible tricks you’ll learn…

ANYTHING KNOT: Tie a knot in the cord, and then visually transform the
knot into into a coin, finger ring, sponge ball even a selected playing

THE ESCAPIST: After threading the Hoodlum cord through a tear in the
middle of a playing card, the card MELTS through the cord while the
spectator holds both ends – and everything can be examined!

FLASH APPEARANCE: Wrap the cord around a pack of cards – then with just a
shake reveal the card the spectator was only THINKING of!

APPEAR-RING: A finger ring mysteriously appears tied to a knot at the end
of the cord!

BONE BREAKER: The cord melts through your finger – while the spectator
holds both ends of the cord and your finger! Jay reveals this innovative
technique for THE FIRST TIME EVER.

HOT KNOT: First the knot visually SLIDES down the cord. Then you pull it
OFF the cord. And finally you fuse it back ON to the cord – and the
spectator can even untie the knot! Tons of magic in just a few moments.

CUT AND RE-CORD: A super organic cut + restored routine using just the
special cord – NO SCISSORS.

HOODLUM HOAX: Two selected cards suddenly APPEAR strung on the cord!
Everything can be examined with the two cards still TRAPPED on the cord!


“I love how casual this is.”-Gordie Preston
“This looks awesome man.”-JesseG
“At last rope magic that can work on the street.”Gildas Dollo
“Jay, this is incredible. You rock!”-BTmagic
“Looks so cool and impossible.Anirban Naskar