Javier Natera – Double Draw


This fools everyone. An ingenious trick perfect for real life AND webcam. They mix cards and somehow their thought-of card is reversed in the pack. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.

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“I love it! Divination and coincidence … in the distance. I love it! A routine for any time… even on ZOOM!” – Dani Daortiz

“Javier found gold! This routine is the combination of genius and practicality for interactive online magic. Not only is it magically impressive, it also has entertainment potential in the process like few others!” – Luis Otero

Double Draw is an interactive mentalism effect that allows you to reveal a thought of drawing. This method is completely self working and works 100% of the time.

Four different images, names or playing cards are thought of by the spectator. While the cards are in their hands they shuffle the cards anyway they choose. After lots of shuffling they just look at one card. After that even more shuffling, and cutting happens to make the trick even more impossible.

After all of this randomness their thought of card is revealed to be the only face up card in a face up pile that is in their hand. And, if that is not enough you deliver a phase two knockout punch by matching the order of the cards in your hands with the cards in their hand.

This phase is also self working and happens under test conditions.

The entire routine is customizable, you can use drawings names, and you can even do this with a borrowed deck of cards. There are so many cool principles and secrets taught in this effect. I use this virtually and in person and I know you will too.