Jason Messina – The Miracle Model


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Tired of simply performing magic tricks? Want to create miracles for your audiences?

The Miracle Model has been in the works for nearly a decade. In that time, it has circulated privately amongst a few select magicians who have used the principles to create miracles.

With the ideas in this eBook, you will learn how to create experiences people will talk about for years to come.

This is a different approach to performing magic, inspired by the work of Ormond McGill.

This exclusive digital book is accompanied by an audiobook.

What is The Miracle Model?

The Miracle Model is a framework that can be applied to Magic to amplify its impact and turn tricks into awe-inspiring miracles.

It is inspired by the performing philosophy of Ormond McGill, with additional thoughts and techniques from modern day psychology.

You’ll learn the following ideas for turning magic into miracles in this jam-packed book:
Learn the 13 rules for creating a miracle every time
Discover the biggest mistakes you can make presenting a trick and how to fix them
Use this framework to amplify any trick’s effect on the audience
Learn how to turn a magic trick into an experience
Apply these lessons to create legendary performances they’ll be talking about for years
An exact formula for increasing the impact of any effect
Tricks for turning your magic into miracles
A quick and reliable meditation technique to pop you into the “now” before every performance
How to create the “awe response” every time you perform
Ideas for creating magic for smart people
Discover the power of ritual
Specific steps to create an atmosphere of mystery in your shows
Use your magic to create doorways into astonishment
Learn how creating peak attention will enhance your magic
What a real-life Ouija board experience can teach you about creating true miracles
Learn the Socrates Rule
Why you need to build a Yes Set in your audience
Tips for making your miracles always seem impromptu
The only method to creating an authentic style and why you should start using it now
How to always create common ground with your audience from the moment you start performing
The 2 + 2 Principle
A secret to making the audience create miracles in their mind
How to develop a more conversational style
The creativity secret used by professionals to produce a never-ending flow of ideas
When you should use the editor part of your brain and how to turn it off
The one requirement you need to know to use stories with your magic
How to use the scientific method to measure your success
Tips for keeping your ego out of your performances
How to use process to increase belief in your miracles
How to create shared experiences every time
The trick I learned from Louis CK for creating the strongest possible act
The Heart and Head technique
Why you should abandon showmanship and using its replacement
Timeless wisdom from Ormond McGill to turn you into a Miracle Worker