Jason Ladanye – Game Changer Lecture – Magic Circle Lecture 2018


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Jason Ladanye 2018 Lecture – Magic Circle

Jason Ladanye is a longtime student of Darwin Ortiz. Like Darwin, Jason creates very powerful card tricks that play big for any audience. Jason recently published his first book, Confident Deceptions. This is a collection of his strongest eighteen effects created over the past fifteen years. Jason will teach his favorite effects from these pages. You might be surprised to find out that the most powerful effects are the easiest to do.

In this lecture, Jason teaches how to push a deck of cards through the table (from under the spectator’s hand.) Learn how to transfer a spectator’s signature from the face of a card to the face of another. And, you’ll learn one of the strongest two-card transpositions in print. (The transposition happens with the card face up in the spectator’s hand!) This lecture includes a total of seven effects from his book.

His approach to magic is simple. It’s not about new complicated sleight of hand. Jason looks for original plots and uses time-tested well-known sleights to achieve miracles for laymen. The tricks are practical and logical. Each effect is a chance to tell the audience an entertaining story. Powerful and entertaining magic is what Confident Deceptions is all about