Jared Arroyo – Rostrum (Instant Download)


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Rostrum is an in the hands full deck suspension which allows the performer to spread any pack of cards up to 3 feet long, and IMMEDIATELY hand them out for inspection!

Unlike similar effects, Rostrum allows you to borrow ANY pack of cards, suspend the deck in a spread up to 3ft long. Even have someone choose a card from the spread and you will INSTANTLY KNOW WHAT CARD THEY HAVE CHOSEN.

From the moment you pick up the deck to the moment you hand the cards out you can show your hands completely empty.

Start clean and end clean! Simple as that!

“You think you know how it works, then you get punched in the face when he hands you the deck immediately afterwards!” – Michael O’Brien

In this video download, Jared will teach the full deck suspension and several variations that can be accomplished with Rostrum.

Blowing minds like never before is only a click away! Order Rostrum and start performing today!

Additional Supplies May Need To Be Purchased In Order To Perform This Effect.