Jan Forster – Voice Testing (Instant Download)


A mental masterpiece. You know the unknowable, with 100% certainty. START LEARNING INSTANTLY.

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“Jan Forster is a good friend of mine and a fantastic Mentalist. He always comes up with incredible creations. Voice Testing relies on a classic principle which Jan has routined in a way to make perfect sense. Using nothing but 3 business cards and a pen you have a great little drama that has impact and is imperceptible. The plot is unique, voice recognition, and Jan has given a perfectly logical reason for every action. Because he is so thorough, you will completely understand the secret by the time you have finished watching the video and will be ready to go out and amaze! Jan Forster has done it again and I highly recommend you get this. I am already using it!” – Richard Osterlind

“This is so cleverly constructed, unbelievable!” – Joro (Germany, inventor of the “Floating Kork” and “Card in Box”)

“A novel and innovative presentation, by a brilliant mentalist. Once yo get it, you can customize personally. I love the simplicity and misdirection. I will use it, and even on stage. 5 solid stars.” – Marc Salem

“Voice testing is a beautifully structured and layered routine that really will captivate your audience. Jan has taken an old concept and twisted it and made it even better. Great work Herr Forster!!!” – Jon Carey

Jan Forster is one of Germany’s best mentalists, and now he is sharing an engaging piece of mentalism that will make you look like you have superhuman levels of observation. Best of all, it’s astonishingly easy.

Voice Testing has a spectator look at any one of three words, mix them up, and then just listening to them read each word aloud the magician can tell which one the audience remembered. The great part is you don’t have to be an expert at observing human behavior, it works 100% of the time. No fishing, this is the real stuff. This can be done with business cards, slips of paper, or even bar napkins. It’s totally impromptu, easy to perform, and one of those rare pieces that pack small and play massive.