Jamie Daws – Opening Daws – 2016 Lecture Notes


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“Opening Daws” is my debut lecture showcasing the very best of the creations I have brought to the community including some not yet seen! Since I created SCARED at the age of 16, to date, I have brought out 5 DVD’s, countless books and been featured in every major magic magazine! But I wouldn’t have achieved so much if it wasn’t for the community. I’m humbled by the support the everyone has given me and I know I could never thank you enough. With this lecture, I have categorized it into ‘Cards’ – ‘Mentalism’ and ‘Other Little Oddities’ I will explain the natural evolution in my thinking of magic and hopefully you’ll venture into areas you have not before, allowing you to give your audience an experience they never will again and allowing you to get more bookings for different clientele. Allowing you to open doors!

2005 – SCARED – My best selling impromptu haunted deck effect.
2006 – COLOURING – A startling colour changing deck routine with an ending you wont see coming!
2012 – SOLOMONS SECRET – A card transpo taken straight from my working set that gets amazing reactions.
2014 – DEVIATE – A stunning colour change isolated inside the card box, that only a select few magicians know about…

2012 – TORCE FORCE – After three years of tweaking and refining, Torce Force really is my proudest piece.
2013 – THE PUPPETEER – Make them think you have been controlling them even under test conditions.
2015 – BLACK HOLE – A combination of principles that allow you to read their mind whilst they discover their own psychic skills.
2016 – MENTAL NOTE- A James Bond style utility that looks normal but acts like a real world crib! And thats not all it does…

2011 – PINNED – An exploration of time travel using a rather unconventional pocket watch.
2012 – X-CHANGE – A stunningly visual effect that looks like pure sleight of hand but is in reality, a virtually sleight-less routine!
2013 – HOLE BUSINESS – A business card effect that is so visual, you will be convinced it uses more than a stack of business cards and a pen.