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“If you’ve been doing walk-around forever or just bought an invisible deck yesterday – The Approach is the best investment you can make. Jamie’s covered EVERYTHING based on self-actualized innovation as a worker in the trenches. Two thumb tips up and a Sanada gimmick high five!” -Bill Abbott

“Jamie D. Grant writes with wit, intelligence and brevity – a rare trifecta. In this book he spills essential information that every walk-around performer needs to know. Sure, you already know some of this, but you don’t know it all. And that makes this a required investment in your performing career.” -Ken Weber

“If I only had this and the Tarbell course, my magic career would be in great hands…” -John H

“This is the book that every magician needs in their library . . . even seasoned pros (who will either just confirm what they already know, or if they’re like me, manage to learn something new that hadn’t occurred to them before). In a short amount of time, I’ll be able to tell which performers have read this book, and those who haven’t, just by the merits of their performance. Thank you, Jamie, for sharing this “gift of wonder” with the magic fraternity. I will look forward to seeing the majestic garden that will result from the seeds you have planted.” -Philemon Vanderbeck

“Invaluable information for the working magician. This is definitely one of the best buys I’ve purchased in my 24 years in magic. “ -J.M. 

“P*ss*d that I didn’t have this back in the day.” -Steve Valentine

Jamie D. Grant is a professional magician who, for over a decade, has entertained thousands of people from all walks of life. From billionaires to celebrities to the person next door, Jamie has been asked, and paid, to bring people joy and wonder. In this book, Jamie provides insider knowledge on how he did it… and how you can too.

Chapter List

1|How many tricks you should know -Article
2|Who are you? -Study
3|Developing your sets~ Part I -Lesson
4|How to practice -Essay
5|Your Magic Fridays -Anecdote
6|Business cards -Advice
7|Websites -Tip
8|How Do You Look? -Study
9|What are you wearing? -Advice
10|Funny or serious? -Anecdote
11|Are you any good yet? -Lesson
12|Starting Conversations -Advice
13|Touching people -Trick
14|How Much To Charge? -Article
15|The Cocktail Party -Essay
16|Getting started -Advice
17|Volunteer gigs and charities -Advice
18|What to say in emails -Tip 
19|The telephone call -Trick
20|Getting There -Lesson 
21|Developing Sets- Part 2 -Article 
22|Silence -Advice 
23|What does my contract looks like? -Anecdote
24|Transitions -Advice 
25|Conquering nerves -Article 
26|How to get gigs -Essay 
27|Getting ready for your first one -Essay 
28|Fingernail care -Trick 
29|How much time to prepare -Tip
30|Pocket management -Article 
31|Your list -Study 
33|Your closeup bag/case -Advice 
34|Things to never forget -Tip 
35|Hat or No hat? -Essay
36|The handshake -Tip 
37|What to put in the lobby -Trick 
38|Who to approach first? -Article 
39|My first effect -Advice 
40|What rubberbands to use -Tip 
41|Moving through a room -Article 
42|The first words you (I) say -Essay 
43|Highs and lows -Article 
44|Getting applause -Essay 
45|More transitions -Study 
46|Saying goodbye to your group -Essay 
47|Tables versus standing -Advice
48|Dealing with the Alpha male -Article 
49|Staying in one spot -Advice 
50|Busted! -Advice 
51|Getting compliments -Tip
52|Letting spectators shuffle -Article
53|Reset. Reset -Study 
54|Venue Staff -Tip 
55|Kids at an event -Advice 
56|Burning through material -Lesson 
57|How many hours? -Lesson 
58|Remembering names -Article 
59|When to show the event planner -Tip 
60|The card force I always use -Anecdote
61|Accepting tips -Article 
62|Wallets -Anecdote 
63|Handing out business cards -Tip 
64|What to never borrow -Anecdote 
65|Someone wants to show a trick -Article 
66|Regular decks -Study 
67|Weddings -Lesson 
68|Large tables -Anecdote 
69|Do you join them for dinner? -Anecdote 
70|Vest or jacket? -Tip
71|The second Big Secret -Trick 
72|Do it again -Article 
73|Another magician shows up -Anecdote 
74|Gigs outside -Advice 
75|When only ten people show up -Anecdote 
76|Do you need a stage show? -Study 
77|Dance floors -Advice 
78|Checking back in -Tip
79|Dropping cards -Tip 
80|Sponge balls -Trick 
81|Dealing with disappointment -Advice 
82|Hecklers -Article 
83|Open versus closed body language -Lesson 
84|One handed spectators -Anecdote 
85|Stick lines -Essay 
86|Lone stragglers -Tip 
87|Journal -Advice 
88|Leaving them with something -Essay 
89|Custom decks -Article 
90|False memories -Article 
91|Invoices -Article 
92|How to get testimonials -Article 
93|Getting all the money -Article
94|Increasing rates -Tip 
95|Busking -Advice 
96|Repeat gigs -Study 
97|Pictures -Tip 
98|Social media -Advice 
99|Going full time
100|Agents -Anecdote 
101|Essay -Article 
102|Go get it -Advice 
103|The beginning -Thanks 

“Let me tell you 5 reasons why I think you should spend your hard-earned money on this…

1. I just did a Walkaround gig last night for $ 1500. I did that, honestly, by doing all the things in this book.

2. To become a doctor, a single textbook, for a single class, can cost $ 200. The Approach is under $ 100 for my entire guideline.

3. There is a chapter called, “The Big Secret”. Trust me when I tell you that, once you start doing gigs, will be worth the price of the book alone.

4. I’ve never believed in “outsourcing”. Everything, from the layout, the design, and the printing, is done here in Vancouver, Canada. By buying this book, you’re positively affecting a community.

5. You have my promise that, as a purchaser, you’ll be able to ask me anything you need to help you with your career. It’s ALL covered in the book but, if you hit a stumbling block, I’ll be here to help. I guarantee it.

– Jamie D. Grant