J. K. Hartman – Card Devilry


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J. K. Hartman is one of the most prolific card magic creators of our time. Card Devilry if the final piece of the puzzle for all Hartman completist and it contains a wonderfully diverse selection of new magic and innovative methods.

Whether it is through his useful moves or his wide array of effects, Hartman’s work if seen in nearly every card magician’s repertoire. His tricks are typically short in effect, clever in construction and simple in method. In this volume, he offers you a wide selection of COMPLETELY new card magic plots.

Card Devilry contains 60 new effects, each describes in Hartman’s signature clear tone. The magic is organized into five chapters, including full chapters on impromptu card magic, mental card routines, stacked tricks, gaffed tricks, and a series of utility moves that are destined to find their way into many of your routines.

The book you will receive is gorgeous. A textured matte grey hardboard cover with 280 brilliant white pages, embellished with 365 gorgeous illustrations by Tony Dunn. The instruction is clear and consise ad is perfect for those readers who like to follow along, deck-in-hand, and lose themselves for hours of unadultered card magic!

Contents of Card Devilry by J.K. Hartman

  • Mock Mix
  • Every Which Way – Another Way
  • Searching High and Low
  • All for One II
  • Pull Pull – Leg and Wool
  • High Five
  • Royal Flash
  • Cut Con
  • Cut Chaser
  • Nothing but the Best
  • Daley Dilly
  • Trap and Trade
  • Back Home
  • Fast Forward
  • To the Pack and Back
  • Back to Back Into Time
  • Stranger Card
  • Double Identity
  • Sixes & Sevens
  • Baldoozie
  • Over Thought
  • A Color Mixtery
  • Upward Bound
  • Hullabalulu
  • Curry Stew
  • Open Minded
  • Bolducci
  • Delirious Donkey
  • Stop on Red
  • Stop on Red II
  • Reprised Winner
  • Crossed Thoughts
  • Mind Over Mate-er
  • In Suitable Order
  • Caandroid
  • Strange But Perfect
  • Suit Pursuit
  • Fish & Pips
  • To Each His Own
  • Mind’s Psi
  • Super Spear-it
  • Leap to Mind
  • Caught Thought
  • A Piece of Mind
  • A Caantasy
  • X-Rayted
  • Spellminder
  • Hand Over Hand
  • Clueless
  • Once in a Wild
  • Odds Job
  • Oddsity
  • Minds Gone Blank
  • Boldout
  • Dovetail Reverse
  • Midsection Force
  • Mark Forces
  • Jerreverse