Into Thin Air by Sultan Orazaly


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Vanishing an object is one of the staples of any modern magician’s repertoire. Nothing can be more simple or clean to communicate a magician’s skill in magic, and vanishing a playing card is usually the object of choice.

SansMinds Magic is proud to present a new take on the classic effect from our friend Sultan Orazaly that turns the plot upside down and leaves an unforgettable memory.

Imagine a card not only vanishes completely, but does so one piece at a time. That’s right, one piece at a time. Did we mention that the card also appears to be floating in mid air while it happens? And it couldn’t be easier to perform.

Into Thin Air is one of the cleanest and most memorable versions of this effect that we have ever seen and we’re proud to be making it available to our customers.

Thank you, Sultan, for this beautiful and simple little miracle.

We have to give a special thank you and shout out to our friend Victor Sanz. Great minds think alike! Victor performed a similar effect which he put on his social media accounts and we love it. Take some time to check him out!