ICON by Stuart Palm

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ICON is an extremely versatile effect and tool for creating the experience of mind-to-mind contact or telepathy for your audience. ICON is performed with a printable set of cards representing corporate brands. You will easily direct your audience’s imagination with all their senses engaged in order to have them transmitting not just a thought, but an imagined experience. ICON works as the basis for a drawing duplication. It is perfect for both close up and stage. It fits in your coat pocket, but can play to one person or hundreds.

With your purchase of ICON you receive a 45 minute video download which details Stuart Palm’s time tested handling of the cards and scripting, as well as a 40 page ebook containing many ideas on performance and handling.

You also receive the files that allow you to print your own cards and add more to customise your own set.


“Stuart Palm is someone who I highly regard as a genius in the field of Mentalism, his help and advise on my work has been invaluable and so when Stuart released his ICON effect today I knew that I just had to get it.

ICON is a fantastic tool for the modern mentalist who wants to have a solid logo reveal or even a drawing duplication.

Stuart provides more than enough to get you started with the routine and a huge amount of ideas on how to use this onstage, for a drawing duplication and more.

ICON is something that I will certainly be using from now on in my corporate work and close up work. It is perfect for working with large corporations and one on one work too.

Stuart provides a link to his website in the eBook that provides you with all the relevant logos for you to make this up and start performing straight away.

His writing is elegant and precise, he does not patronise the reader yet manages to explain the effect and method in such a way that armatures and pros alike will be highly pleased and impressed with their purchase.

I have already made up what I need to start performing this and can’t wait to work on some amazing routines using the tool.”
— Art Vanderlay

“This is really beautiful, just finish to read now! All the act is very well detailed and Stuart gives all (a lot ) the information to how to perform the effect!”
– Luca Volpe