Hondo – Picasso Bands

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Another Great Rubber Band Magic is here! Super Visual! 

Picasso Bands were created by Hondo who is the famous magician in Taiwan and creator of “Intuition” (the best prediction at any number, presented by David Leon Productions).

Includes 3 fantastic effects:
・Picasso Twist — Magician makes a rubber band twist in spectator’s hands so that he can’t restore it back to circle anymore.

・Picasso Link – One of the beautiful Linking Rubber band effects. 2 individual bands link without shaking bands or any tricky move. It’s the best handling of linking bands.

・Picasso Merge – 2 rubber bands are merged into a big one with 2 colors. It is so incredible that people won’t forget what happened right before their very eyes.

Easy to perform
Can be examined

You will receive gimmicked and regular bands: 10 Twist, 10 Links. 10 Merge, and 50 regular bands.

All rubber bands are well made, high quality, and the colors are also beautiful.

All handlings are slowly explained in detail, easy and clear to understand, with English subtitles