Gregory Wilson – Penguin Live Lecture (April 21st, 2012)


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“Gregory Wilson delivers the full package—world class talent, charm and enough performance chops to stand out in any line up!” -Michael Ammar

“Gregory Wilson is one of the very best when it comes to hard-core, knuckle-busting sleight of hand. He can do it all. Clearly, one of the most talented performers anytime, anywhere.” -Dean Dill

“Gregory Wilson is a bottomless well of ideas, lines and tricks. I love the way he thinks about his magic. His enthusiasm when performing is absolutely infectious. He is one of magic’s treasures.” -Doc Eason

“Gregory Wilson is the complete magician: wholly entertaining, technically proficient, and wildly creative. He is one of my favorite magicians.” -Joshua Jay

If you could ask ONE question to one of the world’s best magicians, what would it be?

If you’ve never been to a magic lecture, there’s never been a better time. Saturday April 21st at 7:00pm, we’re live-streaming Gregory Wilson in a spectacular 2-hour interactive online lecture. Watch, ask questions and learn things you won’t find in any book or DVD.