Gregory Wilson & David Gripenwaldt – Knot Worthy (Instant Download)


The stir stick in your coffee automatically ties itself into an impossible knot that can be given away as an unbelievable souvenir.

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“What a fantastic addition to “Coffee house conjuring”. Easy to do, baffling and unlike anything I’ve seen before. Winner!” – Roddy McGhie

“This is so visual! Proper real world magic!!” – Simon Lipkin

The stir stick in your coffee ties itself into a magical knot that can be immediately examined! Gregory Wilson and David Gripenwaldt have created some of the most mind-melting magic that you can perform at a moment’s notice in any coffee shop in the world. With this trick, you leave your audience with an impossible souvenir and a great cup of coffee. This is Knot Worthy.

Here’s what happens:

You show the stir stick/splash plug that coffee shops put in lids to make sure your coffee doesn’t spill in the car. You insert it into the lid of the coffee cup and make a magical gesture. When you invite your spectator to remove the stick, they can’t. It’s stuck. They can remove the lid from the coffee cup and discover that the stir stick has tied itself into a knot that can’t pass back through the opening in the lid.

Don’t be fooled by how simple this trick is to setup. This trick lets you make an impossible object the audience won’t forget. It’s like tying a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue bar stunt taken to the next level. Gregory Wilson shares with you all of the little tips and tricks he has learned performing this in his local coffee shop so you can get started performing right away. This can be presented as a psychokinetic effect, or a stupid human trick, or just a great piece of magic. Any way you perform it, your audience will be baffled and amazed. This is Knot Worthy by Gregory Wilson and David Gripenwaldt.