Gregory Wilson – 24-Karat Fold (Instant Download)


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It’s not every day that you come across an illusion so profoundly visual. Being hailed as pure eye-candy, this astounding effect by master of deception Gregory Wilson is what fans of mind-bogglingly fast and stunning tricks have been waiting for.

Borrowing a dollar bill of any denomination from a spectator, you ask them to fold it and place it on your hand. A fraction of a second later, and before their own eyes, the bill is now folded into a ring around your finger! Your audience won’t believe their own senses! Have them remove the ring and they now have a souvenir to show off for the rest of their lives.

This trick is lighting fast, completely clean, and again, extraordinarily visual. Reactions range from stunned silence to screaming disbelief. You are quite literally toying with the audiences perceptions, giving them an unforgettable experience.

No one could have predicted just how breathtaking this effect truly is. Direct from the genius mind of Gregory Wilson, 24-Karat Fold is a one of a kind illusion that will change your performances forever