Gary Ouellet – The Silver passage

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A breathtaking coins-through-table effect! Four (and only four) ungimmicked coins pass through a mirror in a beautiful, elegant, and astonishing manner! The final coin penetrates by way of The Hirata Master Move, one of the most shocking coin-through-table concepts ever invented. You take a coin, hold it at your fingertips, and pop it through the table in full view, without gimmicks!

In this devastating approach to a classic effect, difficult moves have been replaced by inspired handling:

The Hirata Master Move – Gary calls this “the most visually shocking move in coin magic I have ever witnessed!”.

Gary Ping Chien – The Han Ping Chien is revived, revolutionized, and performed backwards!

The Clink/Clink Pass – A false transfer that combines retention of vision with the Clink Pass, but also manages to avoid palming, making it easy!

The Crossover Lap – An important new technique that makes lapping a pushover. It can be used for vanishing any object anytime. Learn it in one minute and use it forever!

“This routine is the reason I fell in love with coin magic!”.David Acer