Gaff Cards with Gary Plants (Instant Download)


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“I’ve been using this method for 30 years” -Gary Plants

Gary Plants hand-crafts INDETECTABLE card-gimmicks. He’s the best. And now you can learn how he’s been doing it for over 30 years.

The best part? It’s easy and cheap!

There are new deck designs coming out every week now, and most don’t have gaffs available, let alone included. So it’s never been more valuable to learn how to craft gimmicks.

1. And whether you use a premium deck of cards and want matching gimmicks,
2. or you have ideas for gimmicks that don’t exist yet, this training video is a must have.

PROFESSIONALS: If you’re traveling far from a magic shop, and lose your gimmicks, as long as you can find playing cards, now you can make your own gimmicks. Gary Plants is your new travel insurance!

SO MANY card tricks can only be accomplished with gimmicks, but only the most popular get printed. Printing cards can require up to 10,000 decks at a time. So if you’ve got an original idea you want to save all for yourself, this doesn’t work.

This is one of those life-skills you’ll have with you always. It’s worth its price several times over.