Fraser Parker – Kings Never Die (pdf + mp3)

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Propless Mentalism is our dearest love! We are by no means exaggerating when we say creating keeps us sane.

Yet she is deeply misunderstood. We are inundated daily with mountains of questions and concerns pertaining to the effective performance of this genre of material. Our passion for the art and devotion to helping our fellow performers on their journey led us to attempt an unprecedented project: KINGS NEVER DIE.

KINGS NEVER DIE will allow our customers to join us for an in depth discussion of the art and craft that is propless mentalism. Imagine being a “fly on the wall” for one of our creative sessions, and being privy to a collection of structured conversations, geared towards answering the most frequent questions we receive from customers and fellow performers.

We will begin by studying two of our most revolutionary releases: Ouija and Ecrof. Both will be explained in depth – alongside tips, touches and never before seen additional concepts and applications.

A full exploration will follow of what makes propless material so effective, and how success can be guaranteed across a diverse range of performing environments. These are the REAL SECRETS of mentalism: timing, context, character and spectator control. We guarantee that this conversation will give you the confidence to effectively and reliably perform propless effects in your work.

The real joy of propless is in exploring the possibilities, and there’s plenty here for our technique junkies! The remainder of the discussion is a hailstorm of completely unreleased techniques!

Previously unreleased effects included in KINGS NEVER DIE:

Name guess where the spectator says nothing out loud and the performer doesn’t have to name letters. Works in any language.

Physical card force, in which spectator thinks of a card they see in a spread after shuffling.

A completely impromptu psychometry routine, which uses no gaffs, gimmicks or electronics. The performer simply touches an object, and is immediately able to give a detailed reading of the spectator and hand it straight back to them, even with their eyes fully closed.

A propless which hand routine, in which the performer is not only able to locate which hand the coin is held in multiple times, but to conclude by demonstrating that he’d verbally predicted its location from the start.

A propless spectator as mind reader routine. You briefly explain to a spectator how to read another participant’s tells. The first spectator is then able to win 3 rounds of which hand in a row.

The performer is able to determine a thought of month simply by having the spectator imagine the sites, sounds and weather. Nothing is said by the spectator. A method is also provided to nail an exact thought of date, without complex mathematical processes, anagrams, or any of the usual methods.

A coveted method for revealing a thought of memory. We almost didn’t include this. If used unethically, this could seriously damage someone.

A name revelation with a billet. What’s new? Well the performer doesn’t touch the billet until a name is committed to, and every moment is completely justified.

We can’t wait for you to join us, as we truly believe this to be the most exciting project we’ve ever considered! This is real value for this quantity of material and insight, so we urge you not to miss out!

Those who join us, we hope, will rediscover their passion for this art and deliver material that they and their audiences experience as real and magical!

We’ll see you on the other side,
Ross and Fraser.

NOTE: Due to technical difficulties we chose to exclude the ‘Which Hand?’ demonstrations from the final audio edit. However we really wanted to share these ideas with you, and so have included them in the transcript as bonuses.