Everlasting Sponge Balls by Eric Leclerc


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Eric Leclerc, Canada’s two-time magic champion and host on National Geographic’s Brain Games, has released his favorite kid show routine to the magic community. It’s a hilarious, super-amazing Sponge Balls from Mouth routine that’s perfect for parlor or stage. Eric’s use of the Finger Pointer Wand adds to the deception and the fun! Watch the video! It’s filmed in front of a live audience so you can see the tremendous impact of this routine. Audiences love the Everlasting Sponge Balls because the sponge balls just keep on appearing!

Here’s what you get:

  • A 14″ Finger Pointer Wand — a hilarious prop with so many possibilities
  • Three 2″ red sponge balls
  • One 2″ green sponge balls
  • One 2″ black sponge ball (note that a larger ball is used in the video, but is not provided)
  • Josh Jay’s alternative finale in which a ball appears from a spectator’s mouth
  • The complete video performance and detailed video explanation including the secret of how he initially loads the balls into his mouth.

From the structure that Eric provides, and the multiple sleights he uses to make the balls appear, you’ll have a great foundation on which you can build your own version of this routine so it fits your character. Eric wowed the audience of laymen and kids at Magi-Fest with this routine – and he fooled most of the magicians in the room, too! His music, “Fanfare” by Black Violin, is the perfect download to accompany it. If you’re looking for a routine that you can perform to music that features you alone on stage, a routine in which your props “get a bit out of control” resulting in magical hilarity, check out Everlasting Sponge Balls. It’s a routine that will create an everlasting memory of you and your magic.